Waypoint Mobile App

In today’s busy world, you need access to your data instantly, no matter where you are. The Waypoint Mobile app is here to solve that issue by providing you with all the information the lab provides you every day!

Find lab result reports by filtering to the exact reports you need. Waypoint Mobile allows you access to a minimum of ten (10) years of historical lab data.

Features include:

A new feature recently added is the Alert notifications indicator. When samples are received with issues like missing samples, damaged boxes, extra samples not listed on the sample submittal forms, etc, our staff makes appropriate notes that you normally receive in the Sample Receipt Notification emails we send at the end of the day, when we have finished checking samples in received that day. While this email notification is still available, Waypoint Mobile users will also see the notification alert in the app icon on their mobile device. This notification indicator will also alert the user to new lab reports that are available and haven’t been viewed in the mobile app yet.

Waypoint Mobile is here to make your busy life a little easier. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Download it today!

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